Press Release

Gord Steinke has left his anchor desk to personally do this interview with Darlene Wolff who is all the buzz in Edmonton right now. Just what is it that Ms. Wolff has done? Seems that she has discovered a healing health journey that has changed her life and is now changing the lives of so many more people.

Let me ask you Darlene how is it that Christiane your partner has been instrumental in your health journey?

Christiane has supported me with unconditional love that has helped me to heal. Being healthy I am eager to help others on their journey of health and wealth having them experience more! Helping people to dream again and hear what they truly desire in their life to see that they deserve a life of abundance.

What else have you done to have what it is you have today?

Well Gord it has been a journey of self discovery and self direction. Many hours of reading as well as many hours of watching video’s then there are the exercises to do that all help in the formation of habits. This has all taken many sacrifices but in the long run was so very worth it. There are so many teachers to follow and wade through what is and what isn’t. I feel that I have found the right connection to have all the pieces fit into place now.

What is it that keeps you focused on what you are doing and where you will be in the next 5 years?

I have been able to manifest this beautiful home that we are doing this interveiw from. The large back yard with the garden and fruit trees, the worry free deck that is screened in when needed to the income suite over the garage.

You really beleive that you made this happen?

Absoulotly not a doubt in my mind!


How can this happen? What is the secret?

Well it is really not a secret and it has been around since the early 1900 or even before then. We just seem to manage not to feed our minds with good thoughts and thus we belive all the other thoughts that we have planted from our pasts. Really in a simple explanation, we need to hold and believe the thoughts for all that we want and they will manifest up rather quickly.

What is on your to do list?

Now that Christiane has retired from her fulltime job and our Direct Selling Business has been earning well over $6000.00 a month and the cheques are increasing. We are now able to travel to exotic locations the first place we went to was Belize. Flying first class to Belize City staying in a 5 star resort right on the ocean.

Being able to hear the water lapping the shore and hearing all the sweet songs of the birds, going to visit the Myan Ruins was so very exciting and pleasurable for us.

Great Darlene I want to thank you fir taking the time to share your journey with us.

Thank you Gord it has been my pleasure.