Master Key Experience Week 7

hard-work-aheadWow things are really starting to gel and shift big time. There is still hard work ahead to get those neural pathways to change and embrace the new blueprint. Building a solid foundation for sure.

mental diet


Not having an opinion and the mental diet are two of the most challenging and rewarding exercises that I am doing. Not easy by any stretch of the imagination, find myself starting the mental diet over and over again. The length of time in between negative thoughts is growing wider and wider, as is the not having an opinion. Surprisingly enough they still creep in there and awareness allows for a substitution of thought. Learning that this was not my fault and we are all wired this way was enlightening. Knowing that positive experiences take longer to encode gives greater meaning to the exercises we are doing and am able to let go of the resistance that I was experiencing ,changing to persistent practice. Breaking the addiction of negativity is much harder then when I quit smoking.

negative thoughts

Giving everyone that I encounter love makes such a difference to the interaction with that person and the situation. I look forward to each day and all that I create !!


Master Key Experience Week 6

do it nowForming good habits has been very life changing for me. It is surprising how many not so good habits we have. By doing these exercises and services as a promise to myself things get done. The most impact for me has been DO IT NOW. I hear these words in my head every time I go to do something, then I make the choice to do it now.

This experience has been challenging my old blueprint that is not on board for all of these changes and still likes to put up a fight to keep me as I was. News flash not happening doing the work and things are definitely shifting. news flashAfter 5 weeks I am starting to find my rhythm in doing the exercises and what works for me. No matter what comes up I manage to get the work done by making it a priority and committing 100% to the process. I have seen subtle changes happening and my spouse has been commenting on the changes they see in me.

I look forward to doing the dream board and reconnecting with my creative side that has been in hiding for several years.

Being the observer and not having an opnion is tough, but the awareness of how opinionated and judgmental I am is shocking. Being aware on a daily basis is helping to slowly catch myself and stop. It is a process for sure and I just need to be patient with myself.judgemental


Master Key Experience Week 5

Wow and Wow very eye-opening week this was. Learning that the words we use are so very important. We are doing exercises not assignments, not-self help but self direction.


Then this whole opinion thing is very eye-opening since I seem to have an opinion about most things. Now catching myself at most times and biting my tongue, also having not to think it in my head. It is a challenge to be the observer and awareness is the begining of change.

Keep feeding my mind with the exercises of service cards, DMP card, giving and receiving card, find the shapes and colors and link use your emotions and feelings. Sometimes I feel like I am drowning and bobbing up for air and then I remember the laws. Law of dual thought- I can attach any feeling I desire to any thought, my choice. Law of substitution-I can instantly replace a negative thought with a positive one.


I see positive changes already in a short period of time as does my partner. I have chosen to continue with this Master Key Experience. See you all next week.

Master Key Experience Week 4

Well I have been able to connect some of the dots and things are becoming so much clearer. Wow this whole changing your blueprint is a lot of work.

So many years of my old thoughts with feelings that became my beliefs. Growing up I was not able to show my feelings as they were always dismissed or I would get excited for something someone promised and they didn’t keep their promise so it was a big let down. So the more it happened the less I would let my feelings show or even have them it was more and more negative thoughts no wonder I was always let down it was exactly what I was summoning to myself. The law of attraction in action, the world within was definitely my world without. Having to go from I will get them before they get me does not come from a place of unconditional love. Now reading Og , The Master Key, my index cards all with feeling and emotion has been one of the hardest things that I have had to do, definitely has been a challenge. I also know from this week that the more I change these thoughts those pesky peptides are going to change and my light will shine! Also being gentle with myself as there are over 56 years of those beliefs to change that is the balancing act I am doing now on a daily basis.

Master Key Experience Week 3

Well it has been another interesting week.

This going back to class room training and having assignments to finish has been a bit challenging both mentally and technically . I have also learned that it does require work to have things change in my life. I also have the power to make the choices that will set me up for success. The little voice in my head has been very annoying, but not listening to it and doing the readings and assignments is moving me closer to the person I want to be. I have really had to ask myself the hard questions and I still don’t have all the answers, but things are becoming much clearer. It seems like the person I was meant to be has been so very lost for so many years. Trying to find her and let her true self shine is difficult since I have so many beliefs that have been holding me back, now is the time to break free from these chains that hold me back. Looking forward to what lies ahead with this journey, taking it one step at a time.

Master Key Experience Week 2

Well what a whirl wind of a week trying to get my feet under me after so much information. It has been very interesting as I can already see a shift in my thinking and habits. It is so very different being back in school again. A very insightful experience since I have done many other courses and none of them had really touched on working on the inner self to manifest what I want in my outside world. They would touch on it but not give any direction on what to be doing daily to change the old blueprint. So it has been a little bit of a challenge to get all of my assignments done but I do see it becoming more and more easier as the days go on and I do not listen to the little voice that does not belive this is what I should be doing. I want change in both of my worlds to have the life that I truly desire.

Master Key Experience Week One

Sunday September 24, 2017 was the start of a total new journey for me. I enrolled and received a scholarship from Master Key Experience. I am filled with many emotions from joy, excitement, fear, being overwhelmed to name a few. Going back into a school setting for me at my age (56) is a little scary for me as I never did finish high school. With homework and assignments with deadlines feeling a little overwhelmed. Remind self to breathe and it will all be fine just one step at a time. There is so much support in this course and the community of people who are right along beside me. Change is never easy but it can be so very rewarding looking forward to having such wonderful personal growth and changing my life.