Master Key Experience Week 13

This week has been so much more of the progression of tying everything together. With the new cards and adding in the 3 gratitude’s for each day. All of this during the holiday season so it definitely is also a test of the commitment and integrity to yourself in keeping your promises. I find that there are times that I have to stay up later or start out earlier so that I do the exercises. They are easy to do just as they are easy not to do. I am definitely reaping the rewards from doing them. Even my friends have seen changes in me from being more confident to being much more patient and relaxed, these things have improved my relationships. Living by the compass and not the clock helps to keep things in perspective for me.

grateful               index cards

Also keeping up the mental diet and opinions there is certainly much more awareness of this. Still at times having to stop what it is I am about to say realizing that it is an opinion and has not been asked for. I know in time these things are changing for me and the more I do the exercises the more I no longer keep those old habits.

bite tongue

Listening to my recording and adding in the mind gym to use both sides of my brain. Moved all the shapes around in the house into new spots this way subby has a new look on these and touching and filling in the shapes that are empty and saying what it is that is in those shapes. Having my dream board in the office where I see it on a daily basis and even adding new things to it.

All about putting knowledge into practice and using all the tools that we have in our belt now and the new ones that we have learned this week.

toolbeltTotally looking forward to finishing the year off strong and starting the new year with a new blueprint intact.

finish strong


Master Key Experience Week 12

Wow, standing in front of a mirror and saying my one sentence DMP for 50 minutes was so empowering. Doing 30 or more index cards with things that I have accomplished and finished was a very neat exercise. Knowing that the size of what i did was not what mattered it was a good flow and was finished rather quickly.

Adding the 5 senses to put myself into my dream is very powerful.

images When doing my workout in the morning and listening to my DMP, I close my eyes and hear the sounds, smell the smells, taste the food, touch  and see what is in my DMP.

I like the Bear hugs kettle when I have a negative thought because letting go is so much better than hanging on.


Mind Gym and the right and left side of the brain, using elbows to knee or lifting up left foot or right foot. Having fun with this!!


Reading Og and knowing that doing small actions over and over again I persist I succeed.

Haanel says that “The only way to keep from going backward is to keep going forward. Eternal vigilance is the price for success. There are three steps, and each one is absolutely essential. You must have the knowledge of your power; second, the courage to dare; third, the faith to do.”

Master Key Experience Week 11

Back to have having a webinar was wonderful surprising how much I missed it not having one last week.

The 4 tiny steps that lead to the habit of Persistence.

  1. A definite purpose backed by a burning desire for it’s fulfillment.

2. A definite plan, expressed in continuous action.

3. A mind closed tightly against all negative and discouraging influences, including      negative suggestions of relatives, friends and acquaintances.

4. Friendly mastermind alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose.


Interesting as this came just as we are starting a 90 Day Blitz in our business. So these are the things that we need to do each and everyday. Just so amazing what it is that we create and the mechanism that shows up.


Having all these ways that we learn I am sure that subby is being inundated with my new pathways. Things are now becoming a habit and I am aware of linking everything together now. It really makes a difference when we make a promise and we are keeping that promise. Seeing many positive things happening in my relationships as well as in my business. Forgiveness and coming from the heart have made such difference for me.

Looking forward to week 12!!!

Master Key Experience Week 10

This was our first time without a webinar during this journey. It came at a good time for me as I was busy moving over the weekend then back to get the last few things from the old place and then back for a day of cleaning. Now comes the unpacking and getting organized at the new place. I have managed to keep up with the exercises and now am caught up on the blogging part.


Masterminding with my spouse is a great way to keep up the accountability for my DMP and all of my other exercises. We are seeing such profound changes in the way we treat each other and communicate with others. When you take opinions out of the equation there is little to argue about.

mental diet

The new Og scroll is wonderful and comes at a perfect time in our lives and in our business. Still staying focused on the mental diet and no opinions and judgement. We have chosen to watch less TV and this is giving us much more time to focus on things that are so much more important. This is bringing much more awareness to my daily thoughts and allows me to change them quickly. Been excited to put up the dream poster and shapes around the house and make the connection to the colors and shapes. Life is very exciting and I am so grateful to be on this journey with the Master Key.

no tv

Looking forward to the next week and what it will bring.

Master Key Experience Week 9

A little late with my blog this week as my computer had other plans as it decided that this was a good time to crap out on me. All is good found a replacement for the time being and am now playing catch up with the blogging part. I have managed to keep up with the other readings and exercises with the challenge of moving as well. This will soon be completed and will find that groove again. I guess it is a way to throw a curve ball to subby .


We are responsible for all we create in our life, so this means that we also create all that is good, great and not so good or great in our lives. Big pill to swallow, but it makes total sense. Being the observer it is the awareness of acknowledging  that it is so much easier to blame someone or something for what is happening in our lives. The gal in the glass knows what is going on and she is who really counts when it comes to being honest with yourself.

mirrorHaving my own light shine, who knew it would give others permission to do the same. I have to say that scroll two has been fun to greet the day with love, to give love to everyone I met and encounter and see how this has an affect on them.

greet with love

The seven day mental diet is a work in progress it has been 4 days before the last restart. Very much more aware of the negative thoughts and opinions, my tongue is still quick with a response before the brain is engaged enough to say no to negative thoughts and replace with a positive thought. This is all coming together now.

Master Key Experience Week 8

It has been an amazing week of awareness and restarts. Knowing that we have negative and judgemental thoughts about others and ourselves is one thing, being aware of just how many we have is sometimes mind-boggling. So many of the laws come into play this week from the law of forgiveness, law of substitution, law of dual thought, law of relaxation, law of practice, law of growth.

The opinions are still there of course, catching oneself when starting to give one and changing course is becoming easier. The negative thoughts mostly about myself are now turned into a positive thought as soon as one starts. Negative thoughts about others the time in between is growing longer have made it a couple of days in a row so still need some work here, this is the law of practice.


This week turning the TV off has not been to much of a challenge since I do not watch much TV.  Still at those times when I would spend with the TV on to watch a show or just be on in the background it was much more quite more things seemed to get done. I am also in the process of moving so any extra time to pack up things is a good thing.

no tv

Almost finished with my dream board, this has been fun to find pictures and cut them out and see how my DMP looks like with the pictures is very exciting.  All of these exercises that we are doing have had a prfound effect on how I am now operating on a daily basis. Reading Og scroll two every morning and starting the day with LOVE has been life changing.


Looking forward to week 9 and all that it brings to this transformation.

Master Key Experience Week 7

hard-work-aheadWow things are really starting to gel and shift big time. There is still hard work ahead to get those neural pathways to change and embrace the new blueprint. Building a solid foundation for sure.

mental diet


Not having an opinion and the mental diet are two of the most challenging and rewarding exercises that I am doing. Not easy by any stretch of the imagination, find myself starting the mental diet over and over again. The length of time in between negative thoughts is growing wider and wider, as is the not having an opinion. Surprisingly enough they still creep in there and awareness allows for a substitution of thought. Learning that this was not my fault and we are all wired this way was enlightening. Knowing that positive experiences take longer to encode gives greater meaning to the exercises we are doing and am able to let go of the resistance that I was experiencing ,changing to persistent practice. Breaking the addiction of negativity is much harder then when I quit smoking.

negative thoughts

Giving everyone that I encounter love makes such a difference to the interaction with that person and the situation. I look forward to each day and all that I create !!