Master Key Experience Week 19

This has been a week without a webinar and we are evolving to becoming more self directed.

The Franklin Makeover we are now in our sixth week. Keeping the awareness of the virtues that we all possess and at times don’t realize that they are part of us. All the other exercises that are leading us through a wonderful progression.


Power pose and have your body train your brain to be confident and have less stress in two minutes. My goodness having cortisol levels go down in this easy process. Our bodies change our minds and our minds change our behavior and our behavior changes our outcomes. FAKE IT UNTIL YOU BECOME IT.

power       fake

Reading Scroll V.

“I  live this day as if it is my last. And what shall I do with this last precious day which remains in my keeping?” Certainly has me questioning some of the choices I make daily. Reading obituaries also reinforces that this very well maybe my last day.



Master Key Experience Week 18

The fog is lifting and allowing the conditioning to fall away, so the real me can emerge. Staying open minded to the process has had such a wonderful impact on myself and the people around me. Our relationships have all gone to a new level, no more is it all about the things in life that are so meaningless, but about the gratitude for each person and what they bring to my life. Being grateful for all that I have and don’t have and expressing it on a daily basis. Looking at things from the prospective and curiosity of a child with no expectations of the outcome such a breathe of fresh air.

child      grateful

Making the decision to live and not just be alive has taken great faith and belief in the process and in myself. Giving myself permission to be happy right now in this moment and not moving the goal posts and being hard on myself, believing that happiness will find me at the next accomplishment. Don’t worry be happy and the miracles happen right now. Life is not a dress rehearsal, it is your time to shine right now!


Scroll V certainly puts things into perspective and living each day as if it were your last has a huge impact on what is important and what is not. What are you going to do and choose not to do?

last day


Master Key Experience Week 17 Hero’s Journey

This is a very pivotal week in this journey and time to make a decision, listen to our old blueprint or take on the adventure. We all have this struggle within us, the old verses the new. Which will we accept and move forward with? It is like being a crab that is climbing out of the bucket only to have the others try and pull them back down into the bucket.  Our old blueprint is really trying to fight this progression and hold on tight to our old identity. Our dragons need to slayed by the hero’s we have become, no one else can do this for us.

I have really noticed this week that my old self is dying and my new self is birthing, hence all the emotional turmoil and the physical symptoms of a health crisis as I am being cleansed. Feelings of being tired, trying to fight off a flu like feeling, itchy water eyes as well as sinus congestion. I know that this is my old self trying desperately to cling to life as I am running toward the new me.


Even though this shift is taking place it is not without work and faith. The work of practice of the exercises, and being the observer and faith of letting go of the unknown.

I look forward to the stages of DEATH:

Denial, Anger, Grief and Acceptance, digging deep within to answer the call. I am natures greatest miracle.


Master Key Experience Week 17

Amazing week of still finding and showing kindness.

My word this week in the Franklin makeover is ENTHUSIASM. For me and my old blueprint thinking, people that showed so much enthusiasm were somehow not “REAL”. I have been way out of my comfort zone with this process, since when I was a child I did show a lot of enthusiasm only to be squashed like a bug and told how inappropriate and silly I looked. Well feeling like I have been let out of my cocoon I have been showing and feeling very enthusiastic this week. I have even surprised myself, on our tribe get together, I participated and was able to be enthusiastic while doing so.  The feeling was so freeing now when doing my exercises I have the missing piece of the enthusiasm at a much higher level. gauge


Changing my thoughts is changing my world. Giving our self permission to be, do and have. What a wonderful gift to give ourselves. Everyday doing the exercises leads to forming new habits. Being the observer daily we become self directed and more and more of the cement falls away to revel the golden child within.


Daily sits that invite our intuition to spend time with us, our future self to have a conversation with us. Life is great!!



Master Key Experience Week 16

Oh my goodness the weeks seem to come quickly. Spending time on a weekly basis on a virtue and scoring has a huge impact on not just awareness but also practicing the virtue.

I really enjoyed in the webinar the part about catching monkeys and how so many times we choose the banana over freedom.


This week the virtue we are focusing on is kindness. There is such a ripple effect doing this as I have seen. We do an act of kindness for someone then they pay it forward by doing an act of kindness for someone else. What a wonderful gift that can keep on giving.


Knowledge does not apply itself. I have been a great student in my life, great note taker but what I was short on was the application of what I have learned. Well with this experience that is no longer the case. The daily readings and sits all combined with the exercises allow the knowledge that we learn to be put into practice on a daily basis. What a difference this makes, very small price to pay to reap all the rewards.



Master Key Experience Week 15

It is just so amazing as we keep progressing how all the lessons and exercises are connected. I have developed such habits that I have always wanted and have been able to acquire through this MKMMA group.Actually enjoying the process of the exercises and the readings, the mental diet, having no opinions. Taking responsibility for all that I create in my life when it would have in the old blueprint easier to blame someone else or something else for my experience.


Looking forward to the makeover focusing on one virtue a week. I am applying knowledge daily. I am a choosing to let my light shine, having the courage to dare and the faith to do. Gratitude cards on a daily basis are a joy to write and flash with the other cards several times a day!



Master Key Experience Week 14

This week has been somewhat of  blur as it went by so quickly. Then to add to confusion I forgot to push the publish button.

Spent several days watching the movies that were suggested to us. Watching and looking for the 4 tiny habits of persistence. I watched October Sky, Wild, A Good Lie, Cool Running’s.

Adding 3 gratitude cards daily and remembering to flash these piles as many times a day as I can. Even though it was the holiday’s I did manage to also participate with the family and friends in dinner and games as well as visiting and just hanging out.


Going back to before we started on this journey and reading that this would be a life changing experience and it is not about what you do, but what you become. The greatest gift that we can give ourselves , is to invest in us, by doing these tasks and exercises on a daily basis’s. We won’t recognize who we become, yet it is our future self that has been waiting for so long to be part of our lives.