About Me


My name is Darlene Wolff and I live in Edmonton Alberta Canada.

I am self-employed in the Health and Wellness Industry. I studied at the school of hard knocks and go to the University of life.

I am married and have one son and two-step sons. I also have three adorable grandchildren, Cedric who is 3 years old, Isabelle who is 15 months old and MacKenzie who is 4 months old. Cedric and Isabelle live in Edmonton so I spend a lot of time with them. MacKenzie lives in Surrey British Columbia we have been out there to see her in June of this year and she came for a visit at the end of September. We had a wonderful time.

I am very passionate about health and wellness and I love to share information with people and hear about their experiences as to what it is that they do to keep healthy.

I love to travel and spend time exploring different places. This past summer we went to the Valley of Fire in Nevada and then to Bryce Canyon in Utah both were very spectacular. I also enjoy reading mostly personal development books and I also enjoy listening to music mostly 70’s and 80’s and some country and western and I really enjoy dancing.


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