Master Key Experience Week 22a

This has been another week without a webinar, I did join the coffee crew for an hour or so on Sunday . Really trying to finish strong, with those pesky excuses creeping in to mess with me. So the old me is still hanging around and really not leaving without a struggle. I have lost a few battles , I believe I am winning the war. Looking back to who I was when I started this journey I no longer recognize that person. I have evolved so much and have become so much more of the person I intend to be. It has been a lot of work and it will continue to be work. I am up for the challenge. When I slip I do not throw my hands in the air and say I am done I can’t do this any longer. I am gentle with myself and give myself love, pick up where I left off and go forward.

proud     walking.jpeg

Looking forward to my silence retreat that I will make time to do in mid April, also all the wonderful ways that I am so much more self directed now. Taking time for meditation, exercise and kindness. Living in gratitude has made a big difference, enjoying all the miracles that the day has to offer.










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