Master Key Experience Week 17

Amazing week of still finding and showing kindness.

My word this week in the Franklin makeover is ENTHUSIASM. For me and my old blueprint thinking, people that showed so much enthusiasm were somehow not “REAL”. I have been way out of my comfort zone with this process, since when I was a child I did show a lot of enthusiasm only to be squashed like a bug and told how inappropriate and silly I looked. Well feeling like I have been let out of my cocoon I have been showing and feeling very enthusiastic this week. I have even surprised myself, on our tribe get together, I participated and was able to be enthusiastic while doing so.  The feeling was so freeing now when doing my exercises I have the missing piece of the enthusiasm at a much higher level. gauge


Changing my thoughts is changing my world. Giving our self permission to be, do and have. What a wonderful gift to give ourselves. Everyday doing the exercises leads to forming new habits. Being the observer daily we become self directed and more and more of the cement falls away to revel the golden child within.


Daily sits that invite our intuition to spend time with us, our future self to have a conversation with us. Life is great!!




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