Master Key Experience Week 16

Oh my goodness the weeks seem to come quickly. Spending time on a weekly basis on a virtue and scoring has a huge impact on not just awareness but also practicing the virtue.

I really enjoyed in the webinar the part about catching monkeys and how so many times we choose the banana over freedom.


This week the virtue we are focusing on is kindness. There is such a ripple effect doing this as I have seen. We do an act of kindness for someone then they pay it forward by doing an act of kindness for someone else. What a wonderful gift that can keep on giving.


Knowledge does not apply itself. I have been a great student in my life, great note taker but what I was short on was the application of what I have learned. Well with this experience that is no longer the case. The daily readings and sits all combined with the exercises allow the knowledge that we learn to be put into practice on a daily basis. What a difference this makes, very small price to pay to reap all the rewards.




8 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 16”

  1. This has been a great week! I can totally relate to what you say about being a student and not applying the lesson. Very insightful. Thank you, Darlene!


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