Master Key Experience Week 25

Commencement time, has it been six months already? Amazing what has been accomplished since we started this journey in September. The amount of reading, writing, meditating, flashing cards, coloring, writing flash cards. Attending webinars, watching movies, masterminding , mind gym.

meditation  mind gymindex cards

Now that the webinars have ended the time has come to become self directed. Have you slipped? I know I have, but I am quick to observe and get back on track. Life has a way of getting in the way if we allow it too. I remember a video from week 20 where Mark has a flask and fits all of the things we do in a day with room to spare. But only after prioritizing what needs to be done first. So every time I want to say I have no time this pops into my thoughts and I know that there is time to do all the things that I want too.


It has come to my attention how important it is to mastermind with someone or a group of people to keep in the flow of doing things and keeping on track.

Looking forward to the next months of self direction and the lost chapters along with masterminding.



Master Key Experience Week 24

Wow here we are in the last week of our MKMMA journey as a group, next Sunday is the Commencement. A lot of effort and six months later, now a new version of me has been emerging, still have a ways to go as I keep on this path. It is a life long process to change these habits , it becomes easier everyday but there are still times that the old blueprint tries to rear it’s ugly head. Bring on the power pose and send it packing! So many new tools to use in my kit now. Feeling very blessed to have had this opportunity, thank you so much to all involved to make this possible you have been so instrumental in allowing so many to change their lives.

power         toolbelt


I have spent many days and hours trying to find the ways to change the blueprint. Many thousands of dollars to go to seminars and buy the cd’s and workbooks. Nothing out there has come remotely close to what has happened with me while I have been doing this MKMMA Journey for the last six months. I have been telling so many people about it and I see many joining us in the fall. Many changes in my life and relationships all for the better. People commenting on how less stressed I am , my children and grandchildren and spouse have all seen changes in me and welcome the new version of me. Meeting so many like minded individuals, having wonderful interaction and learning from them all. I am GRATEFUL.

grateful    grateful


Master Key Experience Week 23

Finish strong, It takes less effort to succeed then it does to fail. Redo the mental diet now and see things so much quicker. Be the focused observer , surrender to being resistant. Be all in!! Dream Big , Think Big, Win Big!!!

plan                  finish

Do you want a different life or are you just trying to improve the one you have?? Had a realization during one of my sits that I was just trying to improve the life I have…well no more I definitely want a different life!! No more following the mob lead by suggestions, desires and feelings of responsibility. It is time to believe in myself, trust myself be the captain of my ship. Stop being the Quoter and become the Hero, by being a self directed thinker.

failure                                                effort

talk                silence

Law of Least Effort:

Acceptance , Responsibility,  Defenselessness.

Applying these laws means to live each day with them.

Being in Gratitude daily, showing kindness. Give More and You Get More!


Master Key Experience Week 22a

This has been another week without a webinar, I did join the coffee crew for an hour or so on Sunday . Really trying to finish strong, with those pesky excuses creeping in to mess with me. So the old me is still hanging around and really not leaving without a struggle. I have lost a few battles , I believe I am winning the war. Looking back to who I was when I started this journey I no longer recognize that person. I have evolved so much and have become so much more of the person I intend to be. It has been a lot of work and it will continue to be work. I am up for the challenge. When I slip I do not throw my hands in the air and say I am done I can’t do this any longer. I am gentle with myself and give myself love, pick up where I left off and go forward.

proud     walking.jpeg

Looking forward to my silence retreat that I will make time to do in mid April, also all the wonderful ways that I am so much more self directed now. Taking time for meditation, exercise and kindness. Living in gratitude has made a big difference, enjoying all the miracles that the day has to offer.









Master Key Experience Week 22

I am living the life I choose, those words had such a profound smack upside my head. Yes, Darlene it is you and all the choices you have made in your life that have contributed to where you are today. All those things that happened to you as a child and up until now are all things that you created and manifested into your life. Living in fear, having all those hurt feelings. So much anger directed at those that were a part of your choices. The feelings of being unworthy all stem from these choices and now that I am really getting it, I can change all of this by using these as tools to move forward. All of this self pity has not got you anything that you have wanted. Staying in your comfort zone has not allowed you to grow. Time to define the moment.

anger       comfort zone

I am nature’s greatest miracle, I am a unique person and there s no other like me, I am a treasure with unique gifts to offer. Time to use your power and just be you, you don’t need other peoples approval to be you! Just let go of the facade of the person that you created and just be your authentic self. Things will show up as you manifest them. Change your beliefs and celebrate who you are! Give yourself permission to be who you really are use these feelings as tools to grow. It is your story how are you going to write the next chapter of your life???


Master Key Experience Week 21

Everything is a MIRACLE, never really thought of it that way. I believed as many do that miracles are these huge things that have no other explanation. Well now changing the way I think, now changes the way I see things. Now observing the smallest of things and putting it in perspective. But really believing that I am nature’s greatest miracle that has been a bit of a struggle. Now doing a power pose before reading has really helped with that.


It is all an ILLUSION!!!  Yes, this really does mess with the mind, having the physics lesson really did help with understanding this better. So much to unlearn and relearn those old belief’s still creep up but certainly now I am more aware and can change those thoughts much quicker now.


Get out of your own way and let go of the banana. Give yourself permission to keep playing, stumble and know that the treasure is there.

get out           stumble.png

Master Key Experience Week 20

Back to having a webinar this week, it sure was nice to have all these like minded people in one place.

Time management or priority management as I now like to call it. Always thinking that there was never enough hours in the day to get it all done. I used to believe that multitasking was the way to accomplish all that needed to be done. Boy was I having the wrong thought process, not only was I not getting things done but my attention was not focused so my work and relationships suffered. I had a feeling of being overwhelmed and out of control. So what exactly was I attracting to myself……more of what I didn’t want of course. What you focus on expands the more times I said “there is not enough time to get this all done in a day”, then of course there wasn’t. Things are now progressing in a more positive outcome. Watching Mark on the video and placing the balls and rice and everything into the container and it all fit, well an aha moment for sure.

multi     time

During the webinar and listening as Mark explained how we were hitting all the blocks on the pyramid of success was awesome. Now is the time to really dig in and give it my all, finish strong despite all the challenges we face day to day. Keeping the old print at bay while the new one is planting it’s flag. We all have this in us to be able to do, and we need just to relax and let it happen. We know without a doubt that the world within creates the world without. Must trust that it is so very true.

Our comfort zones will control us until we control it. Learning to use Fear, Guilt, Unworthiness, and Hurt feelings and Anger as tools is a new process for the majority of us. Knowing that it is alright to not Jump out, but just nudging it will definitely keep changing the size and shape of it was comforting. I look forward to nudging mine so as to experience what adventure and magic lies beyond my comfort zone.

comfort zone     leap